Jane Croteau

Stained glass  Watercolor Acrylic Pastel Printmaking
I have been working with glass professionally since 1980. In 2002,  I began exploring  my fascination with light and texture by experimenting with printmaking and watercolor. Of late, I have also added pastel, acrylic, and oil. Painting is a  wonderful means of relaxation for me.  My husband and I  own Phoenix Studio, a stained glass studio in Portland, Maine.  “I do stained glass for a living, but I paint for the sheer pleasure of it”.

An avid sailor, Jane travels to the Mediterranean annually to sail with friends. “The colors there always seem brighter and the scenery so much more interesting. I have so many paintings swirling around in my head and look forward to the time to paint them all!”

Jane lives in the country with her husband, Lance, their Maine coon cat, Ulysses, (the mighty water cat) and Sam, their chocolate lab.