Guest Artist

Lori Austill is the newest in the guest artist series at Gallery 302. Her work will be shown from October 14 through November 10, with a reception from 5-7 on Friday, October 20.

Lori Austill is a well-known Portland artist whose encaustic paintings have allowed her to “speak through color.” Encaustic painting is an ancient technique that uses hot, pigmented beeswax and tree sap painted in thin layers, each layer fused to the layer below with a torch.

After studying silversmithing and ceramics early in life, Austill enrolled in the Portland School of Art (now MECA) to study sculpture, but fell in love with painting. During a summer fellowship at Yale she discovered that painting on plaster combined her excitement for color and texture, with similar qualities to clay. She continued working in that medium for 25 years before adopting the encaustic technique ten years ago.

Austill’s work has been collected by individuals, corporations and institutions worldwide. In 1996 she attended the Fourth International Women’s Conference in China to connect and collaborate on building ideas and communities in which artists can flourish.

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