Class Schedule


“Collage/Mixed Media Workshop”     

Instructor:  Richard Allen
Sunday, March 4 1:00 – 4:00
Price per student:  $45
Minimum number of students:  3     Maximum:  8
Instructor will supply art supplies.

To explore design as a process for personal expression
Explore the following design ideas:  order, playful, congestion, scale, bold and tension
Explore a range of processes using additive and subtractive techniques
Explore a variety of materials used in collage

Collage is a medium that is readily accessible to both the experienced artist and to someone who has had little experience in creative art-making.  We will start the workshop with a brief demonstration and a discussion about collage materials, working techniques and the importance of collage as a learning tool for exploring design and composition.  An important focus will be the opportunity for students to explore personal creative ideas and experiment with a variety of materials.

Basic materials will be covered by the $45 tuition fee.  These materials include the following:  clear acrylic medium that we will use as an adhesive, a panel and/or canvas working support, and several paper items such as magazines, colored construction paper and origami paper.

Scissors and cutting knives will also be provided.  Students are encouraged to bring anything else they may want to use in the collage.



Classes that have specific dates and time frames with an overall class registration fee need to be paid in advance in order to guarantee a space since spaces are limited .

  • Cancellation Policy: If a class is canceled you will be notified by phone or email at least one day prior to class at which time, students will be offered to sign up for another class or full refund.
    Refunds: Anyone withdrawing from a class will receive a full refund upon written notification three weeks before such schedule class begins, if after three weeks a $25.00 fee will be charged and the remaining amount will be returned to student.