Click here to see them!
he Birdhouses have arrived and are on display throughout the Gallerybirdhouseposter-final-copy.  Click on the link to get a birds eye view or better yet, drop by and see them in person!

The Loons arrived and it was an outstanding success!  Forty-five wooden, carved loons were decorated and dressed by local artists associated with Gallery 302. The project began in September of 2010 when the ‘naked’ loons arrived at the Gallery. Willing artists volunteered to take one home [some even took a pair.

The winter months were the perfect time to create something special out of the wooden forms. Through the generosity of our patrons and the creativity of our artists, we surpassed the amount raised from our previous Fish Auction! Thank you very much to all who participated. These are just some of the folks who thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


The Lobster Auction was held in the summer of 2013.  An amazing array of creative and functional artworks were created from the flat, wooden lobster blank.  Clocks, mirrors, mosaics, game boards, and decorative wall pieces were the results of many hours of work by our imaginative and resourceful artists!