Congratulations to our Art in the Park Winners!
1st Place           Cynthia Brown            oil
2nd Place         Sue Vittner                   acrylic
3rd Place          Jeanne La Bounty       oil
HM                    Molly Mains                 printmaking
HM                     Elna Stone                  watercolor
1st Place         Tracey & Eric Bradford   Pottery
2nd Place         Lynn Scully             Paint Knobs & Jewelry
3rd Place          Conni Whittaker              Ceramics
HM                     Harvest Gold                  Jewelry
HM                     Ken Jorgensen                Glass
1st Place          Darylann Leonard
2nd Place        Paul Prior
HM                  F. Michael Bannon
HM                  Stephen Beckwith
 Left to Right:
Tracy Bradford, F. Michael Bannon, Paul Prior, Conni Whittaker, Cynthia Brown, Stephen Beckwith, Jeanne LaBounty, Sue Vittner