About Gallery 302

We have Giclee prints available from your favorite Gallery 302 artists in the Gift Shop. Opened in the spring of 2010, Gallery 302 Gift Shop has grown into a vibrant and integral part of the gallery.

Many of our artists are displaying creations outside of their usual medium. It is the perfect place to discover affordable artwork for very special occasions.

Gallery 302, an artists’ cooperative , features the work of artists and artisans working in a wide variety of media. Open daily, Gallery 302 is located in Bridgton, heart of the beautiful Lakes Region area of Maine.

Gallery hours:
January – April                               

Closed Mondays
Tuesday – Friday, Sunday  11 – 3
Saturdays – 10 – 4

May and June
Monday – Friday  11 – 4
Saturday/Sunday 10 – 5

July and August
Monday – Saturday 10 – 6
Sunday 10 – 5

September – December
Monday – Friday 11 – 4
Saturday/Sunday 10 – 5

December Holiday Hours
December 17 – 24
Sunday – Saturday 10 – 5

***Snow Policy: Gallery 302 will be closed when SAD 61 is closed. However, as with any rule, there is an exception. We will open if/when the attendant can get there without taking unnecessary safety risks. Please call the gallery at 647-ARTS.

In addition to showcasing the work of member artists, the gallery hosts solo shows of Guest Artists, and offers a lively series of classes, lectures, and Plein Air painting sessions. Summer activities include Open Studio Day, Art in Bloom, and the Camp Show. Art in the Park, an annual celebration of art and craft in beautiful Shorey Park, is now the highlight of the summer art scene in Bridgton.

The Gallery serves a wide range of talented artists, providing support, opportunities for growth and interaction, and a community outlet for their work. Our monthly receptions are open to the public.

PresidentKit Linnell
... Vice PresidentDick Danis
... Treasurer Conni Whitaker
... SecretaryDan Paulding
Committee Chairs:Committee Chairs:
... Art in the Park:Nancy Engdahl
... ProgrammingMolly Mains
... Display ComplianceSandra Long
... MaintenanceDick Danis
...MarketingDan Paulding
... Contract Coordination:Nancy Engdahl
... Membership:Joan Belluci
... Website:Kit Linnell
... Grants:
... Gift Shop:Linda Panzera
... Scholarship:Ellen O’Neill
... NEMOS:Judy Alderman

Please address all mail to : Gallery 302, 112 Main Street,  Bridgton, ME 04009