Class Schedule

Collage/Mixed Media Workshop Demo
Instructor: Richard Allen
Friday, March 15, 2019
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Free demo – no registration is required
Minimum 5 – Maximum 8

In this one hour demonstration, we will explore materials, various working processes and design concepts.  This is designed to cover some fundamental approaches to the creative use of mixed media materials and techniques that will be used in the mixed media collage class offered in April.

Gelatin Printmaking
Instructor: Molly Mains
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Same class is being offered on two different dates.

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$45.00 per student
Minimum 4 – Maximum 6

Instructor will supply paper and paints.

Below are suggested items to bring with you to class. Do not panic if you don’t have it all. I will have extras of everything!! Certain items will create texture and/or patterns when placed on, or moved across, the inked surface of a gelatin plate. Bring materials like lace, burlap, cheesecloth, old comb, a cork, feathers, leaves, bubblewrap, string, thread, a spool, corrugated cardboard, store-bought or handmade stamps, onion bag, old credit cards, stencils, styrofoam meat tray to draw into, or anything else that will gently produce a texture or pattern, etc. Sponge and plastic bowl to hold water, 2 paint brushes of different sizes, scissors, “special” fun paper to print on (sheet music, dictionary pages, maps, magazine pages, old books, decorative paper), 1 styrofoam meat tray, plastic bag in which to take gelatin plate home, apron/smock

Gelatin printing is a form of monoprinting in which each print is unique. No press is needed. A gelatin slab is used as the printing plate with water soluble paints to create the images on the plate. Paper placed and pressed onto the surface transfers the image. The paints, gelatin plate, and paper will be supplied. Each participant will be emailed a list of items to bring to supplement the materials being used. This class is all about process, experimentation and play! Beware – you may become addicted!

Leather Bound Sketchbooks
Instructor: Anna Low, Purplebean Bindery
Saturday, March 30
Saturday, June 29
Same class is being offered on two different dates.
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
$65 per student
Minimum 5 – Maximum 8

Students supply their own materials: xacto knife, ruler and cutting mat. 
Rest of supply list to be provided by instructor

Come make a beautiful, rustic, leather covered sketchbook! We’ll be working with reclaimed leather and some creative, heavy-weight page paper to bind your very own blank book, perfect for a travel journal, sketchbook, or just to doodle in. We’ll cover some basic bookbinding techniques (no previous experience necessary!) and you’ll design your own book. We’ll bind it all together with the decorative and functional long stitch. You’ll leave class with instructions and a few tools to continue making books at home. 

Collage/Mixed Media Workshop Class
Instructor: Richard Allen
Friday, April 12
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$45.00 per student
Minimum 3 – Maximum 8

Collage is a medium that is readily accessible to both the experienced artist and to someone who has had little experience in creative art-making.  We will start the workshop with a brief demonstration and a discussion about collage materials, working techniques and the importance of collage as a learning tool for exploring design and composition.  An important focus will be the opportunity for you to explore personal creative ideas and experiment with a variety of materials.  Tuition covers the cost of provided materials.

Paper Card Crafts
Instructor: Anna Low, Purplebean Bindery
Saturday, May 4
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
$40 per student
Minimum 5 – Maximum 8

Supply list to be provided by instructor.

Come have fun creating a handful of nifty folded cards. We’ll do some folding techniques similar to origami but with the goal of making beautiful, funky, and cheerful little cards and books suitable to use as greeting cards and small gifts. We will make a Victorian Purse, star book, little pocket book, a pop-up box and a hexaflexagon. I’ll bring stamping and collage supplies to decorate our creations too. 

Sgraffito Pottery Workshop
Instructor: Kate Krukowski Gooding, Moose Pond Pottery
Friday, May 17
Thursday, June 20
Same class is being offered on two different dates.

5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
$45 per student
Minimum 4 – Maximum 10

Sgraffito is a style in which designs are scratched into leather hard clay surfaces, for decorative purposes. Using the Sgraffito technique, students will draw designs onto clay plaques then carve. You will be able to hang these up when you are done. Students can pick up their matte/gloss fired pieces at the Gallery within 1-2 weeks. PLEASE come with ideas, or pencil drawing of a couple things you might want to carve out. Or wing it!!
Tuition covers all tools, techniques, clay and firing in this workshop. Pieces are fired with a matte finish. For a high gloss, 2nd firing, finish, $5.00 per piece.
Kate Krukowski Gooding of Moose Pond Pottery, is a local potter and author. You can view her work at Gallery 302, Tasteful Things and Groundcover in Bridgton. Or online at and




Classes that have specific dates and time frames with an overall class registration fee need to be paid in advance in order to guarantee a space since spaces are limited .

  • Cancellation Policy: If a class is canceled you will be notified by phone or email at least one day prior to class at which time, students will be offered to sign up for another class or full refund.
    Refunds: Anyone withdrawing from a class will receive a full refund upon written notification three weeks before such schedule class begins, if after three weeks a $25.00 fee will be charged and the remaining amount will be returned to student.